I look forward to continuing to work with the rest of the Council to provide high value services to our citizens, while being responsible and effective with our hard earned tax dollars.
— Will Peckham


A Balanced Approach to Fast Paced Growth

Round Rock is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live, fastest growing, and safest cities in America, and continues to have one of the lowest tax rates in the area. Will believes that it is imperative we maintain our well balanced approach to support our growth while providing the services and quality of life that our citizens deserve. Will is confident that this can be achieved while still preserving our low affordable tax rate.


Public Safety.png

Public Safety

Round Rock is known as one of the safest cities in the nation for its size. With the addition of two new fire stations that will help reduce response times and the creation of the new state of the art Police & Fire Training Facility, our first responders will no longer have to wait for the training they need in facilities spread across the state. Will will continue to work hard so that Round Rock has the tools it needs to ensure the safety of it’s citizens.


As one of the most sought after cities in the nation, we have experienced increased traffic congestion along with our record growth. Will has worked closely to create strong relationships with other partnering governmental agencies to stretch our tax dollars and fund more projects.  In total, Will has been able to help allocate more than $80M in transportation projects, including $14M in the 2017-2018 city budget for neighborhood streets. Will will continue to focus on projects like the Creek Bend extension to help keep you moving easily throughout the city.



Jobs & Economic Development

As a small business owner, Will has a pro-business attitude focused on economic development to help create jobs and make Round Rock the place to locate, start or expand a business. In the last three years, Will has worked diligently to make Round Rock attractive to businesses. We are currently the 4th Best Affordable Place to Live (Livability.com, 2016), which is a direct reflection on our success of keeping taxes low and maintaining a low cost of living, especially as we compete for businesses at a national level.


Round Rock has created and maintained a robust, award winning parks system which are the pride of our city. In 2013 Will was a member of the Williamson County Bond Committee which successfully allocated $40M for parks including the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. Additionally, Will was able to work with the City of Round Rock to allocate $56.6M for parks including Heritage, Lake Creek Trails, and Brushy Creek Regional. In total 60.99 miles in Trails have been funded through a phased implementation plan. Of the nearly 61 miles, 8.75 miles have been added since 2013 with an additional 3.76 currently under design. Further expansion of our beautiful parks and trail systems are amoung Will's focuses in the coming years.